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A Creative Solution

They were all ready for the wedding. Flight itineraries were in place, bags were packed, guest rooms were prepared and a week of festivities planned. The bride had arranged for this milestone event for more than a year.

It had been almost eight years since the family was last together for Auntie Meta's passing. During that time, so many things had changed. The "kids" were now teenagers. A few more relatives had moved out of town. One thing for sure, the family was spread out all over the U.S. How great it will be for the family to be part of this joyous occasion. The youngest Jeffrey was two, the oldest Aunt Betty was 87...three generations of relatives. 

Then it happened, a few days before departure Aunt Betty began having a problem with her balance. She became very concerned and feared that she would fall if she tried to go to the wedding. Like a house of cards, everyone's plans began to change. Now the entire family would not attend. Some would stay behind to help Aunt Betty,

But, all was not lost. Aunt Betty remembered her friend Lillian had just returned from a family vacation. Lillian took a non medical caregiver with her on the trip. Her family was relieved of their caregiving responsibilities and Lillian didn't feel like she was a burden. Everyone had a wonderful time. Lillian said it was one of the best vacations they ever had. 

It was a light bulb moment for Aunt Betty...she would do the same!
The moral of the story: Whether you are being cared for or if you are the caregiver, know that circumstances can change. When "life shows up" you don't need to change your plans, just look for a creative solution."