Heartfelt Moments - Preparing for Valentine's Day
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Heartfelt Moments - Preparing for Valentine's Day

Heartfelt Moments – Preparing for Valentine’s Day

Ah…Valentine’s Day, it happens once a year. It’s a time for roses, chocolates and romance. A time to celebrate a one-of-a-kind love with your sweetheart. A time to lavish that special someone with hearts, flowers, and lacey “Be My Valentine” cards.

But, true love is celebrated 365 days a year. For this, there is no greeting card, no heart shaped box of chocolates or pink and red roses. This celebration is a time of caregiving, compassion, and patience even in the most stressful of circumstances. It is seeing beyond the dementia and recalling treasured memories. Memories that spur you on to care and love for another day and beyond.

In my time as a professional caregiver, I have had the privilege of being in the presence of true love. I have observed couples who after 60+ years of marriage remain deeply in love and committed to one another. I’ve observed true love in the light kiss of a hand or the loving and reassuring stroke of a loved one’s hair. The deep loving, heartfelt link that transcends memory impairment and overcomes day-to-day heartbreaks.

Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away. I encourage you to have fun with the traditional holiday festivities. This year, also show your gratefulness to those individuals who have been a shining example of love and light in your life. Those with whom you have shared tender, heartfelt moments.