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Putting a Spring in Your Step
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Activities for Seniors

Pu A Spring InYour Step...Do Something Fun!

Dear Friends,

Often our clients say they have a limited budget and entertainment/going out  is expensive. So, I have decided to try to find something fun or purpose-driven to do that is no or low cost for the first week of Spring.

With the latest issue of Mimi's Magazine in hand, I circled all of the areas that interested me on Mimi's Calendar. Here's a sampling of local happenings.
- Planning for the Future, a free lecture at Huntington Woods Rehab Center in Westlake on March 20th.

Happy Valentine's Day - for Golf Lovers

Do you have a golf lover in your midst who has been unable to pursue his or her passion for the game due to a physical challenge? Well, here's some good news about a program that's right in our backyard in North Olmsted.

Known as,Return to Golf, (RTG) the program helps physically challenged adults and veterans restore independence and improve their overall quality of life using the game of golf as a recreational therapy.

Building on a club atmosphere, this not-for-profit program includes:
  • Clinics conducted year- round that include physical therapy done in conjunction with a local hospital-based rehab provider.

Seniors Dig Gardening

Spring is the time of year when green thumbs appear along with violas, pansies, daffodils, crocus and other colorful plantings. 
Research conducted by Texas A&M and Texas State Universities, suggests that, gardening is a healthy hobby.  “A combination of moderate physical activity and increased consumption of fruit and vegetables has been reported to dramatically reduce an adult’s risk for many chronic diseases.” Besides walking, gardening has been reported as “the second most common leisure activity” among the 65 and up crowd.

Creating special moments

Every day we see couples longing to rekindle some of their past, such as times when they:
•Went out to dinner
•Enjoyed going to the movies
•Danced to Glen Miller
•Saw Danny O'Donnell in concert
•Played pinochle with friends
•Went shopping together

Instead, during the winter of their lives, they have become Alzheimer’s experts, aides, housekeepers, cooks and so much more.

Today, non-medical home care providers offer life enriching breaks in the day for their clients and families. At Senior Concierge Services, we strive to meet these needs by:

Having a Purpose

I am sure you will agree,no matter our age, we all need to have a purpose. A reason to get up in the morning. A passion that fuels each day and moves us forward.
Sometimes, as we age that purpose can be more difficult to find. I meet with many seniors who say they have lost their reason to live. Their family is grown, perhaps moved away and friends are passing, There is nothing that drives them to a higher quality of life.
Here's what I suggest to them and what I suggest to you should you find yourself or know someone in a similar situation.