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Fall Back - Time Change

Iam sure you have noticed that our daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter. Tonight I observed that it was turning dusk at about 7:30PM. I also noticed that I began to yawn, and I believe that my energy level decreased too. It couldn't be time to go to bed already, could it?

Later I spoke with my friend who is a dementia expert and she said, imagine what it must be like for some with dementia. She went on to say that often, as the seasons change and daylight hours grow shorter caregivers may notice an increase in  sundowning in the person for whom they provide care.

It's A Fine Line

When we care for a family member, we do so out of love and often to give back to a loved one who has cared for us or come to our aid. This is often the case when a child cares for their parent.

Unfortunately, what starts out as a loving gesture over time can become a point of contention. Recently, I spoke with a daughter who decided it was time to bring in some additional help. She said, "I've been doing my Mom's shopping for years and I try to take her to all of her doctor's appointments.

Caregiver's Car Kit

It’s a New Year and a perfect time to take inventory of your Caregiver’s Handy Car Kit.Here are some of my favorite items (in random order), that I carry in mine so that I am always prepared for the things that life may throw my way.
  • disposable wipes
  • small first aid kit
  • extra pair of undergarments and/or disposable briefs for women and men
  • universal clothing usually sweat shirt, pants and socks
  • one size fits all pair of slip on shoes for women and men
  • blanket
  • rain poncho
  • umbrella
  • hand sanitizer                                     

Brag & Borrow

As caregivers we like to share and support one another in this complex journey of ours. That said I want toBragabout a great SCS idea & encourage other caregivers toBorrowit. I am sure you'll agree that transitioning a loved one to a
senior living community such as assisted living, rehab center and skilled nursing facility can be daunting.

A few days ago we helped a family with the admission of their loved one to The Welsh Home for a short rehab stay. Within 24 hours the entire family participated in a comprehensive Care Plan meeting.

Adding Aromatherapy to Your Caregiver’s Toolbox

Thanks to Registered Dietician, Barbara Bauer, Clinical Nutrition Program Manager at Sharp Coronado Hospital, SCS incorporates aromatherapy into our clients’ personal plan, especially for common health challenges in the elderly such as:                                                            - decreasing weight                                                                                                                           - immobility and,                                                                                                                           - sleeplessness