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A Must Read

A client shared a wonderful book with me and I thought I would pass it along. Although it is specific to caring for someone with Alzheimer's or a related dementia, it has heartfelt tips for anyone who is caring for a loved one.
Playbook for Alzheimer's Caregivers
by Frank Boyles, University of Arkansas Razorback Athletic Director Emeritus
A Quote from the book:"My best advice to you is to treasure each day and to live it to the fullest. Cherish the time you spend together and, perhaps most important, love each other. I hope you find peace in knowing that it is still possible to live and love when someone you love is living with Alzheimer's disease."

A Creative Solution

They were all ready for the wedding. Flight itineraries were in place, bags were packed, guest rooms were prepared and a week of festivities planned. The bride had arranged for this milestone event for more than a year.

It had been almost eight years since the family was last together for Auntie Meta's passing. During that time, so many things had changed. The "kids" were now teenagers. A few more relatives had moved out of town. One thing for sure, the family was spread out all over the U.

Autumn Is Here

It's here! Today we turn over a new leaf and enter into autumn at 10:49. I must admit, this is one of my favorite times of the year. I am grateful for changing rich colors, pumpkin bread and harvest fests. For chipmunks that scamper in between the crunching leaves, for the smell of my neighbor's fire pit as it burns brightly in the early evening, and for the gift of an extra hour.

So, when you turn your clock back today, take a few minutes to be still and lean into this seasonal transition.

A Labor of Love

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

It's a time to relax, enjoy family and friends, fire up the grill and just kick back. However, when you are caregiving, this may not be possible. For many, caregiving is a 24/7 responsibility. It truly is a "Labor of Love." For me, there is nothing more personally rewarding and more challenging than caregiving for a loved one" It's a daily workout of trying to achieve a balance that ensures that you have the time to love yourself and recharge your batteries so that you're in the game for the entire race, not just the sprint.

Loss of a Loved One

The anniversary of my Mom’s passing occurred just a few days ago. I can’t believe it’s been three years already. What I find really astounding, is the feeling of serenity that has replaced the emptiness.
My Mom and I were best friends. Rarely did a day go by that we wouldn’t at least talk. For many years we worked together and played together. There was no greater shopping partner than “Choo Choo.” We enjoyed many a trip and sale. In fact, some of my favorite memories were of our shopping excursions in Seattle and Chicago.