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Visual Stimulation and Memory Support


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Elder Care

Visual Stimulation and Memory Support

Try these ideas at home when caring for someone who requires memory support.
Visual Stimulation – Aside from the brain, the eye is the most complex and incredible organ in the animal world. Vision is our most important sense, the one through which we gain most of our information, and the one that offers the broadest range of possibilities for stimulation.
As long as there is light, everything is visible, and potentially stimulating. Simply, vision is what happens when light enters the eye and is turned into electrical impulses by the eye’s retina.

Add these foods to your summe meal plans

Food For Thought

Ah summer—an amazing time of year when fresh produce abounds. Many of summer’s fruits and vegetables are brimming with secret health benefits. Here are four particularly good food and beverage choices in the summer—as reported on in EatingWell Magazine.   Nothing says summer like fresh sweet corn. Did you know that two antioxidants—lutein and zeaxanthin—in corn may act like natural sunglasses, helping to form macular pigment that filters out some of the sun’s damaging rays?

April is National Parkinson's Month

As we round the corner on the last week of April, I would like to encourage readers to continue to learn more about Parkinson's disease.  Since April is National Parkinson's Month several of you have come forward with interesting questions.

Let the dialogue continue long after April is over, as well as yoursupport of those organizations who provide much needed information, services and research to better understand this disease and eradicate it. 

Parkinson's disease or Parkinson's-like symptoms have affected my family, many of our clients at Senior Concierge Services and their families.

The Purpose of Ms. Kitty

At SCS, we just picked up a client who was recently discharged from the hospital. Although she is delighted to be home, she has come to the realization that she still has a long road to full recovery. As a result, at 80+ she feels she has no purpose which makes her feel as though she no longer has value. Because of her depressed state she rarely smiles or initiates conversation.
This afternoon, her cat who has always been hiding during our visits, decided to venture out and investigate these new people who invaded her home.

Creating special moments

Every day we see couples longing to rekindle some of their past, such as times when they:
•Went out to dinner
•Enjoyed going to the movies
•Danced to Glen Miller
•Saw Danny O'Donnell in concert
•Played pinochle with friends
•Went shopping together

Instead, during the winter of their lives, they have become Alzheimer’s experts, aides, housekeepers, cooks and so much more.

Today, non-medical home care providers offer life enriching breaks in the day for their clients and families. At Senior Concierge Services, we strive to meet these needs by: