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Elder Care

When is it time to bring in some help?

I’ve been speaking with a family for about four months now about the possibility of adding non-medical services which would allow Mom and Dad to stay in their much beloved home. Everyone agrees that this is a necessary step however, no one is willing to make that final decision.

In the meantime, tensions are rising. Mom and Dad are blue, stating “we’re waiting for this final passage in our lives.” This could and should be a time to enjoy a round of golf, or two and more with some planning.

It saddens me to see seniors facing each new day with such a bleak point of view.

Home for the Holidays

Your bags are packed and the entire family is eager to visit Grandma. She is really a remarkable lady. At 85 she still is living in her own home alone. She likes it this way and has made it very clear that she never wants to move.
The visit reveals that Grandma sounds much better on the phone. The reality is quite different. You see, it's easy for her to put on a good front during your ten minute telephone conversation. But, it can all unravel during a three day visit. 
Now what do you do?

Making car transfers easier with the right tools

Yesterday I was out with friends at Joe's Deli in Rocky River. Their food is terrific and they are very senior-friendly. (That always gets an extra star in my book.)
As we were leaving the restaurant, we noticed an older couple. The 80+ year old husband was struggling to get his frail wife transferred from her portable wheelchair back into his car. God has a way putting us right where we need to be, as my friend, who is also certified in home health care and I went over to offer him assistance.
He was very grateful stating,  "Thank you so very much.